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July 1, 2022

5 Things you need to know about pet fostering and how to get started

Truscott animal hospital is one of Mississauga’s animal hospitals, we believe that Helping is a noble thing to do, but lending a hand to helpless ones is noblest. One of the helpless creatures we might think of are pets who […]
April 12, 2019

Importance of regular checkups for your Cat/Dog

Importance of regular checkups: One of the biggest parts of pet care is providing them with appropriate medical care. For this, it is extremely important to take your vet for routine checkups to the local Mississauga animal hospital. Here are […]
March 12, 2019

Aftercare and Side Effects of Spay and Neutering

Spay and Neutering: The decision to spay or neuter your pet can be quite nerve-wracking. Even though procedurally it is supposed to be quite simple and straightforward,  Many Mississauga animal hospital visitors find that spaying or neutering their pet can […]
March 4, 2019

Dietary Needs for Cats and Dogs

While it’s obvious that cats and dogs look very different from one another from the outside, it’s easy to assume that their internal processes would function the same. However, you’d be wrong in that assumption, as the metabolic differences between […]

Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

rana shams July 2022

In addition to the fact that all the team is friendly and caring, they are also have a professional clinical experience and approach

Maria J July 2022

I just started visiting Dr. M this year with my 3 dogs. He is honest and upfront and loves all animals! We just went through a 2 month process of trying to get a scratch on my dog’s eye healed without having to visit the eye specialist ($$$$$$$$$). All of Dr. M’s hard work paid off and she is now scratch and cone free! All staff is super friendly and I’ve been to MANY vets, this one is a keeper! Thank you guys for everything!

Caroline Ai July 2022

the vet was probably just a little rough with my hamster but everything went well! It hasnt been 24h since my hamster took the medicine but he seems to be getting better so im happy

Brian Medeiros July 2022

Excellent and affordable vet that goes out of their way to help you and your pet. My first experience went from initial visit to address a bite wound and ended with a successful same day surgery and recovery within a week. Couldn’t be happier and they were the best priced option and significantly cheaper then our pets previous long term vet.

MICHAEL kneller July 2022


Aida B. Daher July 2022

Dr. Medhat and his staff are beyond wonderful. They literally saved my cat's life with around the clock care. I dont have enough words to express my gratitude towards them. Not only do they go above and beyond for our little companions but also they provide the best service. I will be forever grateful for knowing Dr. Medhat!! Thank you for everything!! I highly recommend the clinic and the amazing staff!

Kiran Tiwana July 2022

I’ve been looking for a clinic to take my cat to for a very long time and I am so grateful that I got recommended here. The staff and Dr. Medhat Meawad are fantastic and very caring people. I was super nervous taking my cat to a vet but they made the experience for my cat and I great! My cat is very nervous around new people but was so calm and comfortable with them as they were super friendly and treated him like their own. The service was very professional and affordable. Very happy and definitely recommend Truscott Animal Hospital! Thank you Dr.Medhat and staff!

Elameer Labib July 2022

Best animal clinic we've been too, amazing staff. Thank you Dr. Medhat for being so gentle and caring with Oreo.

Marina's World July 2022

Amazing staff, super friendly service and can tell you how much they love animals, thank you so much dr Medhet for everything you did for my 🐕 dog

Hiranniya Yoga July 2022

I’ve brought my 4 cats to Truscott for the past three years - and I recently got a puppy and she also now goes to Truscott Yes they sometimes take long at appointments- because they’re dealing with a pet emergency and appointments are looked after next. I mean if my pet ever had an emergency, OFC I would want my babies looked after before a routine appointment. So idk how people can complain about the wait times - if anything it goes to show how much they prioritize their clients emergencies. And the staff here are the sweetest - their diagnoses have been 100% accurate and my puppy literally LOVES coming to the vet (even after all the vaccinations lol she loves the Drs. And staff here😅 I even moved out of mississauga but I still come here because I haven’t found another trustworthy vet like them.

Point is - if you want a RELIABLE, HONEST, CARING vet - come to Truscott. Your pets will thank you🐶🐱❤️