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Dr Medhat Meawad.

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Our experienced vets have special interests and additional qualifications, soft tissue and internal medicine. Our dedicated team of nurses pride themselves on looking after our patients as if they were their own pets. We are also proud to be a nurse training practice.


Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Niya K January 2020

I can honestly say I found my forever Vet after today. I’ve never taken all three of my cats together to a vet- but oh man did Dr. Medhat make our lives so much easier. The staff and the doctor took such care of our fur babies, individually inspecting every aspect and ensuring my babies health was the number one priority. I’m a student so finally, it’s a bit of a struggle. Dr. M totally understood our situation and didn’t try to push us into any treatments without informing us of the price and asking for our consent. Even then he was so considerate in giving us the best prices in town for such an amazing service. You can tell the staff and the doctor really care about the wellbeing of the cats more than anything and I couldn’t be happier to have him as my vet for Kiki, Kutty and Evee💙 P.s the kitties say thank you for the yummy treats as well☺️

Melina Mouchian January 2020

Dr Medhat is by far the best vet I could ever come across. He made me feel very calm, and he was beyond amazing with my rabbit. He was very friendly, and extremely helpful. He really makes you and your pet feel like part of the family. I HIGHLY recommend him for any animal. 10/10 fantastic.

Anze Mac January 2020

We recently changed vets and started coming to. The Truscott Animal Hospital. Dr Meawad is an excellent veterinarian and an extremely kind and good person. These qualities shine through in the care he shows his patients and their families as well as in how he treats and interacts with his staff. He is very knowledgeable and always ready to explain the treatment plan, why it is necessary and what to expect. We brought our toy poodle for a teeth cleaning and tooth extraction. She is really more like a teacup poodle, very tiny at about 4 lbs. because of her size the anesthesia would be tricky, so Dr Meawad brought in a colleague assist him. The care he exhibited for our little poodle and the confidence in his ability this gave us was so important. We recommend Dr Meawad and the Truscott Animal Hospital to any and all pet owners!

Riman Charaf Eddine January 2020

Excellent experience with them

Monica C. January 2020

Tough day for my family, deciding to euthanize our 16 year old cat, Lola. Dr. Meawad and staff at Truscott Animal Hospital were so kind and compassionate. Very touching to come out to the waiting room after she passed to notice that they had lit a candle for her. So happy to know that she is no longer in pain and that right up until the end she was surrounded by love and kindness. Thank you.

Desmond Correia January 2020

Very nice people and knowledgeable vet

Andrew Habashy January 2020

The best Animal hospital. Dr. Moawed is a great and kind person , he cares a lot about his patients. staff is nice . i like truscott animal hospital.each time i go there i see George the cat ,such a nice cat, highly recommended

Aminnah Syed January 2020

It was really hard to find a good trusting vet as I have never took my cat to a vet :( but over here at Truscott Animal Hospital they sure know what they are doing! As soon as we walk in we’re not only greeted by the reception but also a super cute cat named George! They treated my cat and I with lots of love, care and patience also did a fantastic job with making sure he is doing good by giving us updates over the phone. It is a little pricey but very well worth it considering the end results! My cat is now doing amazing thanks to their help! :)

Tara Clement January 2020

We got a call from the kids to come home and check on Diesel, we came home on Saturday early afternoon and saw our English bulldog had still not come out of his crate or eaten yet, we finally got him out and noticed a large lump on the side of his face! We panicked and called Truscott animal hospital immediately and said I know diesel has never been to you but we need medical attention right away, without hesitation Vanessa (your staff member) said bring him in right away the vet will see him! We got there and were greeted with love and smiles. Diesel got attention instantly from the vet and Vanessa they were AMAZING the vet was so gentle and kind to our boy keeping him calm! He treated what happened to be an abscess! Sent him home with meds and a follow up to make sure he was gonna do better! We brought him back today (Monday) as you asked us to, and again the welcoming, warming greeting we got was incredibly! I have since moved all of our 3 English bulldogs records to them and will only be using them as our new vet also it’s so close to home for us too! It’s so important to find a vet that your comfortable with to take care of your babies and be confident that they are getting the proper treatment they need to get better! We all thank you so much for everything! See you again tomorrow and hopefully our boy is way better then! :) 🐶

Mandie Passafiume January 2020

My golden doodles was in a fight with another dog on Boxing Day and she lost, her eye was bleeding a puncher in the neck. I called the 24 hour animal hospital and they told me they could not see her they were too busy, I called ever Vet office in Mississauga and everyone was close I called Truscott animal hospital and of course no answer there to, at this point I really didn’t know what to do next, then my phone rang and Dr M called me I told him what had happened and he said come right in, he opened his clinic to help her. He was very caring and moved very quickly to ensure he examined her eye as she was in bad shape. I am so happy that he helped her and now he will definitely be our new Vet. Thank you so much.