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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Keith & Carol Wallace August 2021

We are very pleased with the care and concern given to our Gwyn by the veterinarians and staff at the Truscott Animal Hospital.

Corinne De Korte August 2021

I have been looking for a veterinary practice like this for years ! The team of veterinarians that work here are second to none, in fact the entire group of people that work at this clinic are wonderful. They are all about advocating for the animal . They genuinely care about their well being …without trying to up sell treatments . They work very hard to make sure you are not stuck with outrageous bills . Compassion on all fronts is evident here . I am so happy that I found this clinic .

Melisa Krupa August 2021


Tracy Orsatti August 2021

All three vets are amazing. They call you themselves to discuss anything they feel needs to be done, they offer multiple solutions and are very accommodating as far as cost! I love that the vets call as I can ask any questions and discuss all options with them rather than having to go back and forth. They treated both my dogs extremely well and did amazing work on their dental cleaning as well as the one surgery. I will definitely be going back here from now on! Thank you guys so much for making both dog happy and healthy!!

Saori Butler July 2021

We're so happy that we found Truscott Animal Hospital! Dr. Mahir Yousif was very kind and professional, and he found a small issue with our cat that our former vet completely missed or never mentioned. They were also very quick at responding to my questions/requests over email. Bonus points for being able to easily make appointments online!

John Boswell July 2021

Dr M takes care of Bronco who has been diagnosed with Collapse Trachea at a young age of 8 months old.

He is in such great care with him & his team.

We love you guys...

Baby Bronco🐶

Vicki Treen July 2021

This reveiw is well overdue .....Dr. Meawad and his Team are the very best, we changed from our previous vet last year when on a long weekend during COVID we needed emergency care for our cat Keegan. The Emergency on Winston Churchill was going to be an incredibly long wait so we started calling vets in the area. Dr. Meawad met us at his clinic without hesitation and have been with him ever since...would not take my pets to anyone else now! Dr. Meawad and his Team are truly caring professionals and I want to thank them for the care they've provided Keegan and the passion for Oliver when he recently fell ill and we had to say our good -byes. It's a blessing when you find a Vet that cares about your fur babies as much as you do!

Suzie Sprinkles July 2021

Here is my story about the man, the myth, the legend himself, Dr. Medhat Meawad. A few days ago, I experienced the worst experience of my life with my dog Peanut. The previous week she wasn't acting like herself and was showing signs of being sick. At first I thought she may have eaten something she shouldn't have, but after a few days she still wasn't normal. After doing the usual online research, I suspected she may have a condition called Pyometra, which is a life threatening illness that needs to be treated right away. I called many different vets in my area, however, none were accepting new patients or same day bookings and I was feeling hopeless. Out of no where, like a ray of light, I seen Truscott Animal Hospital show up in my search and called. The receptionist who answered was not only very sweet, but she was able to book Peanut in as a new patient and on the same day. Upon showing up, the staff took us in immediately and started their investigation into what could be wrong with with Peanut. Dr. Meawad knew at this point Peanut was in serious need of care and attempted to find emergency help right away. He gave us multiple options of where we could go to treat Peanut, but none of them felt right with me. No one else was as invested in Peanut as he was and that made me trust him fully to be the one to do the emergency surgery. Not only did he go above and beyond to find every solution that he could for us, he really put effort into helping the costs be as affordable as possible for me, which I am super grateful for. He stayed very late to do the surgery for my dog and kept me informed and educated on everything.

Dr. Meawad is not like any regular vet and he deserves the praise and recognition he gets for his dedication to animal care. His true love and passion for animals and his work shows and I will forever be grateful for him and his team for saving my Peanut's life. I believe that if another day had gone by, she wouldn't have made it. I will now make sure all of my pets are in his care and recommend him to everyone I know. He is truly a hero and if there is one thing I have to say it's that they don't call him 5 star Medhat for nothing! ;) Thank you for everything.

Jenn N July 2021

I'm so very thankful to the staff and Dr's at Truscott Animal Hospital. The staff was able to squeeze my sweet CeeCee in on a very busy Saturday as it was an emergency.The doctors were very sensitive to my emotions concerning my 20 year old cat. Not only were they full of knowledge and recommended some necessary tests, they were not forceful and gave me time to make decisions . MY CeeCee is doing much better thanks to them and will be returning this week for a second follow-up. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Siran Mazloumian June 2021

Dr Medhat Meawad and his crew are beyond professional, they pay attention to detail, very gentle with handling the animals. Kizzi my Egyptian baladi puppy girl got Spayed yesterday and she is doing well. Thank you so much Dr Medhat Meawad for caring to check on her more than once.