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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Anirod August 2020

I had my cat in for dental work and was so impressed with the people and service I received I am now taking all my 3 cats for all their needs to Truscott Animal Hospital Recommend them highly to everyone Some friends have taken my recommendation and are all very happy as well

Ida Gerasolo August 2020

Dr. Meawad is by far Dashas favourite doctor! Unfortunately Dasha has had many issues when it comes to allergies, tumors, and most recently hematoma in her ear canal, and he has been great through every situation. Thank you Dr. Meawad and the whole team at Truscott Animal Hospital, we love you!

Hania Eid August 2020

You truly can't find better service anywhere else. The entire staff was extremely friendly and took care of my cat as if she was their own. The doctor knew the issue immediately and took care of it efficiently and professionally. Could not recommend this place enough!

mary philopos August 2020

Was very impressed with the staff and they were very welcoming and friendly. I would recommend to all pet owners, both my dog, Zeko and I came out happy after each visit. I know my dog is getting the best treatment from the staff. On our first visit, I was stressed as I am a first time pet owner, yet the staff made me feel comfortable and I was happy when I saw the staff treat my dog with love. The doctor came out and explained everything to know about the visit and answered all my questions about what to expect as a dog owner.

Michel Perreault August 2020

Monsieur Ronaldo our cat got a foreign object stuck in his intestin making him very sick. He was saved by a surgery at the clinic. Dr. Meawad have been very professional and communicative. The price was affordable compared to the other clinics we called. Overall it was a good experience for us. Thanks Dr. Meawad and Dr. Sam. Mariana and Michel

Derek Defaria July 2020

Dr. Medhat Meawad And his team Has been absolutely amazing. Our dog Benji was up at the cottage and had a huge laceration on his leg requiring 21 Staples. We had stitches put in in Peterborough which ended up getting very infected. We took him to Dr. Medhat and he had to drain the pus and redo the sutures with 21 Staples. The first time the stitches were put in it looked horrible. When Dr. Medhat put his staples in it looked very professional and well done and clean unlike the first time. Benji had a quick recovery because of because of Truscott Animal Hospital. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone with a pet. You can tell they really care.

SmythProductions July 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability Very cool guy! Treats our animals like his own, very caring. Also gives my family a discount every time we go! Thanks for the volunteer hours too Dr. M:)

Julia Te July 2020

Dr. Medhat is absolutely knowledgable and utterly talented with animals. The doctor and his team are very professional, friendly, responsive and loving with all kinds of animals. He and his assistant Liam made my bunny's first vet wist a lot more comfortable than I expected. Daisy ended up feeling safe, and calm, and comfortable in the hands of Dr. Medhat and his colleagues. I certainly entrust her health to them.

Deena Herzalla July 2020

Once again, thank you so much doctor for your excellent service. Dr. M did a quick and effective surgery for my cat kitty and she’s doing amazing right now. Thank you so much for your patience and for everything you do. I really appreciate the fact that you toke me in very last minute. Thank you so much :) Will be bringing my other cats in for grooming next week. Very good prices. You will not find better !

Azeem Syed July 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value Honestly Dr. M and the rest of the team were incredibly professional and ensured that my pet was extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend them if you want someone who treats your pets as if they are their own.