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December 20, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Beloved Pet Healthy All Through Winters | Animal Hospital Mississauga

Tips for Keeping Your Beloved Pet Healthy: Just like us, our pets need to be extra careful and cautious with their health during cold and harsh winters. In winters, our pets are prone to developing health problems, which if not […]

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Shameem Bulbulia-Bince November 2023

Just over a month and a half ago, we lost our beautiful dog Pixar. It started, with her acting a bit unusual, so we took her to see Dr. M and soon discovered that Pixar had an infection. She was put on antibiotics for 10 days, but the infection didn’t clear-up . Dr. M did further testing and discovered that Pixar had a tumor in her spleen which could have ruptured at any time. To save her, we needed to remove her spleen, which was an extremely risky surgery itself. We decided that the best course of action, with the guidance of Dr. M, was to do the operation.
At that point, we had no idea if the operation was going to be a success or failure, but we had to try. Following the operation, Pixar had a couple of rough nights. Her temperature would not go down, she had trouble standing up on her own, and was unable to regenerate her red blood cells. Everyone was baffled as the operation was successful. My daughter was in constant contact with Dr. M for direction on how to proceed. Dr. M did further tests trying to figure out why Pixar’s blood levels kept dropping. We then found out soon after from Dr. M that Pixar had a bone-marrow issue and was unable to reproduce red blood cells on her own, resulting in her levels dropping rapidly. Even with that information, we wanted to do a blood transfusion. We had everything set up to do the blood transfusion with the amazing help of Dr. M and his team. Unfortunately, Pixar’s test results were not ideal and indicated the tumour in her spleen was cancerous and had led to leukaemia in her blood.
Finally, at that point there wasn’t much more we could do, if we tried to save her, she would have suffered in the process. We then said our good-byes to our beautiful Pixar who had a personality large than life. While this process was extremely emotional, the support from Dr. M and his team never faded. They truly made us feel like family and constantly reminded us that they were there for us every step of the way.
To Dr. M this is not just a job, it is a labour of love. His love for animals and compassion for his clients should be an inspiration to vets everywhere. Thank you Dr. M and the Truscott Animal Hospital team!
Shameem B

Ashkh November 2023

I originally got my cat from a shelter and she was timid & shy. She would make it impossible to take her to a vet. I called multiple vets to ask for assistance but none were willing to provide any sedatives. Dr M called me within the same day and provided a solution that enabled me to bring her in. They treat your pets with care & always try to help.

Fast forward a year later I was concerned about kitty’s appetite and intermittent wheezing. Dr M and team got on it quickly. There was concern about her liver. In ten days, after medication, hospitalization and check ups, her symptoms improved. I couldn’t be more grateful to Truscott animal hospital for looking after my kitty. Thank you for everything!

O Mekhail November 2023

Great service and good experience

Shraddha Tiwary-Carpenter November 2023

Our pet cat Zoro was unwell, we found Truscott Animal Hospital after reading reviews since we were utterly disappointed by our previous vet, who couldn't diagnose anything. Zoro ended up having a surgery to get rid of stones in his bladder. We were ofcourse apprehensive but, the way Dr Meawad took care of Zoro was so reassuring. He is the best vet you can find. He loves animals and it shows. I want to also thank the entire Staff for their help and support. Inspite of they being so busy, there is always a smile on their face. Kudos to you all!!!

Anna Haranczyk November 2023

Is great communication,,reliable. Passion for animals,takes time to listen ,, correct decision and method to treating injuries ( Cat Rudy ),,Dr.Medhad saved my black Lab from possible surgery...all my friends with their pets feel very comfortable with any decision Dr M ,, takes me over 20 years to find a good vet trust me I have two cats 🐈.. and two dogs..

Mirette Awad November 2023

Dr Moawad and his team are excellent.
Very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend this clinic for your pet's needs

Emily Botros November 2023

I can't express enough gratitude to Dr. Medhat and the entire clinic staff for their exceptional care and support for my beloved pet. From the moment we walked in, we were welcomed with open arms, and the warmth and compassion shown by the staff made a world of difference during a stressful time.

Dr. Medhat's expertise and dedication to his patients are truly commendable. He not only provided top-notch medical treatment but also ensured that my pet felt comfortable and at ease throughout the process. His kindness and genuine love for animals shine through in the care he provides.

Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable pricing for the services offered. It's evident that they prioritize the well-being of the animals over profit, which is both rare and admirable.

As for the treats, my pet absolutely adored them! It's those little extra touches that make the experience here stand out. They truly go above and beyond to make both pets and their owners feel special.

I highly recommend Dr. Medhat and this clinic to anyone seeking the best possible care for their furry family members. Thank you again for everything you've done. Our community is fortunate to have you!

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Abanob Gadallah November 2023

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Medhat and the entire team at Truscott Animal hospital. Dr. Medhat's exceptional care and support for my beloved pet were truly remarkable. His expertise and compassionate approach made a significant difference during our visits.

Not only did Dr. Medhat provide excellent treatment, but he also ensured that my pet felt comfortable and at ease throughout the process. The reasonable pricing of the services provided further demonstrates the clinic's commitment to exceptional care without compromising quality.

I am genuinely thankful for the warm welcome and assistance extended by the clinic staff during each visit. Their friendly demeanor and professionalism created a welcoming atmosphere that alleviated any stress or worries I had.

Thank you, Dr. Medhat, and the entire clinic staff, for your dedication and unwavering commitment to providing top-notch veterinary care. You have undoubtedly become an invaluable part of our pet's health journey.

Airin McGuinty November 2023

Visit after visit, I have always had a wonderful experience at this animal hospital. You can tell how much Dr. Medhat genuinely cares for your pet and he goes out of his way to ensure you and your pet are at ease. My senior cat Goldie recently had a successful 2.5 hour dental surgery. I can't thank Dr. M and his team enough for their compassionate care! Also the co-op students are very knowledgable and a delight to talk with (Hi Olive!). If you are searching for a new vet, look no further!

mariam tawfeek November 2023

Best hospital ever , very knowledgeable, very professional, very informative, very caring, very clean , my dog was treated highly I really love it and I recommend it to everyone caring for his/her pets
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