5 Things you need to know about pet fostering and how to get started

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April 12, 2019
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5 Things you need to know about pet fostering and how to get started

Pet Fostering

Being a foster parent has some responsibilities to take.

Truscott animal hospital is one of Mississauga’s animal hospitals, we believe that Helping is a noble thing to do, but lending a hand to helpless ones is noblest. One of the helpless creatures we might think of are pets who need to be fostered. They are vulnerable and defenseless and thus need much attention and care. They say, foster a pet and save a life. Yes, nothing is more fulfilling for a pet lover than rescuing them, giving shelter to homeless pets, and providing the utmost care and love they needed until they are ready for adoption.

What are the things you need to consider first before you foster a pet? If you are a pet lover, fostering a pet might seem easy. But more is required than just being a pet lover. This article will discuss all you need to know about pet fostering and how to get started.

If you are a pet lover, you might think you are ready enough to foster one. But how ready are you? Try to know your purpose and intention of fostering a pet. If you’re thinking of caring for a pet but are not yet ready for a lifelong commitment, then fostering a pet might be a good start. Fostering a pet is also good for those who already have a pet at home but would want to know how does their pet react to having another companion.

1- Being a foster parent has some responsibilities to take. After all, fostering means nurturing and giving parental care to pets. First, you need to provide for their needs, enough food, a safe environment, administer medicine every time their sick, or even bring them to a veterinary clinic when they need it. Though at times, some shelter or rescue groups provide for the pets’ basic needs, this still entails you should be ready enough to provide for what they need.

Truscott Animal Hospital will be a great partner for foster parents out there. We cater to all your pet care needs for your fostered pet ensuring you give them the utmost care. This includes complete services like up-to-date vaccination, dental cleaning, grooming, general health care, and all other necessary pet care. Rest assured, we provide the best yet affordable pet care to better serve you.

2- Aside from the basic needs, you should have enough time for them and be ready to socialize with the pet you foster. Through this, you will have the chance to get to know their personality. This might include training at home to test their obedience and hone their skills. Once you’ve known their characters and behaviors, you should be ready to share that information with the rescue group where you got your pet. This might also include speaking with possible adopters of the pets to determine if they can be the best parent for the pet you fostered.

3- Now if you think you got what it takes to be a foster parent, the next to consider is your home.

  • Is your home a friendly and safe environment for a pet?
  • Do you have enough space for them, especially if you already have your pet?
  • Are your family members compassionate enough and supportive of your advocacy of fostering a pet?  The kind of environment you provide will largely affect their development.

4- Shelter and rescue groups and organizations also have their own rules and policies in terms of fostering pets. Make sure you are ready and willing to abide by these regulations. Though you are free to choose what kind of pet you want to foster, usually they will also take into consideration some factors to help them decide what kind of pet suits you as a pet parent.

5- Unlike adopting a pet, fostering a pet is temporary and might last for a few months depending on their progress. Remember that you have to return them to the organization where you got them once they are stabilized and ready for adoption. Thus before fostering a pet, make sure to get ready with your emotions. Even if they just stay with you for a while, you will develop an emotional attachment with them. Thus, the principle of letting go is needed. Be ready for some needed strength as you slowly detach from them. Though this might hurt you, just keep in mind that your pain will outgrow the stability and permanence they will soon experience with their lifetime parent and home.

Fostering a pet will not pay you despite the challenges you will undergo caring for a pet, not of your own. It even entails financial and emotional expenditures. But it gives you a feeling of satisfaction seeing how the pet you fostered progressed and transformed from a once vulnerable, weak one into an active and adorable one. Best of all, saving the lives of these lovable creatures will always be rewarding.

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Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Paulina A November 2022

Such a lovely place... doctors are super friendly...

Love it ❤️

Karen Rowley November 2022

Took my 4 year old rescue (almost feral) cat Beatrice to the vet for the first time for an urgent urinary issue. They were so understanding and got right to the diagnosis. Surgery was done a few days later and she is doing so well. Follow ups have been so thorough.

Cynthia Buitron November 2022

This is a GREAT place- this clinic does excellent work, and for fair prices. Highly recommend. :)

Talyo Hofn November 2022

I have special request from Dr. Medhat & Dr. Mina to start seeing me as patients too :), those people they are so professional, they are kind more than being just doctors, and this what we need as pet owners sometimes.
Dr. Mina sweetheart, takes all his time to answer all our concerns with very welcoming attitude, and Jill the receptionist she is the kindest heart i have ever met, she deal with each case very caring and warm, i was lucky to be referred here, highly recommended with best price ever, thanks Truscott team, we are grateful. I wish i can give them 100 starts.

Monica Mw October 2022

Dr M is the best dr anyone can have for there pet he does what ever it takes to help there nothing this dr can not do. stuff are always so kind friendly anyone that needs a Dr for there pet best place💞

Marie Ko October 2022

It took me over a year before I can write this review without tearing up. And even as I write this I can't help but feel emotional. We lost our beloved pug, Joey Bravo, on September 10, 2021. He quickly deteriorated on his 10th year and during one of his check ups at Truscott Animal Hospital, he collapsed by the reception desk. Dr. Erini witnessed what happened and dropped everything she was doing to resuscitate my Joey. They were able to stabilize him but in the end, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge. I deeply appreciate Dr. Medhat rushing to the clinic to help with everything, including helping us make the difficult decision as objectively as possible without pressuring us.

Inspired by the kindness and dedication of Dr. Medhat and his entire staff, we've gone on to rescue 2 more dogs - Pepe and Coco, and adopt another pug in Joey's memory (Oscar).

Recently Dr. M and his team also helped us with a difficult leg surgery for Pepe and was able to save his leg which we thought would have to be amputated.

The service we received and continue to receive at Truscott Animal Hospital is beyond 5 stars. They truly have compassion for all animals and will never pressure their patients/owners to do any unnecessary tests. They treat all the animals under their care as if they are their own. Needless to say we highly recommend this clinic and it's quite obvious why they continue to be THE #1 and best veterinary clinic in Mississauga (and probably in the country!)!

Vitaliy Li October 2022

Very happy with Dr. Mena Abdelsayed. He was very attentive and caring and had a great strategy for treating our dog Chico.

raffy zefadia October 2022

Staff and doctors are experts as well as kinde and supportive. Helped me with difficult and hard times. Thank you.

dalbotros October 2022

Absolutely the best care and service I have ever received for my little dog. The genuine care is evident and I couldn’t ask for a better place to take care of my baby girl.

Kortney Browne October 2022

Super friendly staff very pleased with how they handle myself as well as my pets answered any questions I had they are very reasonable when it comes to prices..some improvements they could work on would be following up with there clients after a pet has surgery..other then that im very pleased with this vet and there care ❤ keep up the good
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