The practice has a fully equipped preparation room, operating theatre, modern anesthetic and monitoring equipment and our in-house laboratory allows us to run blood and urine samples for rapid results.
We have up-to-date diagnostic equipment such as advanced digital X-ray machine, Dental x-ray machine. that will help us to quickly recognize and treat your pet’s condition.
With separate dog and cat wards and a separate isolation ward, our nurses are able to give the best possible nursing care whilst your pets are hospitalized within the practice. We are also cat, dog and exotic Friendly Hospital.

Opening hours

We receive all emergency calls 24/7

  • 0900 AM - 0800 PM
  • 1000 AM - 0400 PM
  • Available For
    Emergency Calls


Our team is led by clinical director Dr. Medhat Meawad .
Our dedicated team of nurses pride themselves on looking after our patients as if they were their own pets. We are also proud to be a nurse training practice.

Mississauga Animal Hospital

Dr. Medhat Meawad.

Clinic Director

I obtained my veterinary degree in 1996 and started working as a large animal veterinarian and in pharmaceutical research and development in different countries until I moved to Canada with my family in 2011, I enjoy solving puzzles in complicated medical cases and also enjoy doing my share of surgeries, dentistry and exotics. I have one pretty cat that came to stay with me over the weekend until they were to be adopted, and the usual happened – they never left! I am happy to join the amazing team at Truscott animal Hospital and be able to have access to state of the art equipment. My goal is simple: treat my patients as if they are my own


Mahir Yousif

Veterinary Technician

Hello, my name is Mahir Yousif and I am currently a practicing technician at Truscott Animal Hospital. I earned my veterinary degree and qualifications back home and am now currently undergoing the process to establish my Canadian qualifications. As part of the process, I decided that in order to prepare for the qualifications as a North American veterinarian I enrolled in the VSTEP at the University of Guelph. As of recently I have completed the majority of the board assessments required to practice so that I am able to pursue my love of medicine and my passion of helping improve the quality of life and the health of animals around me.


Vanessa B..

Vet Assistant /Receptionist

My name is Vanessa, and I have loved animals my entire life. From feeding the squirrels in my backyard to the day I got my first puppy, I have always strived to help animals in need. I have two lively dogs of my own named Aero and Pixar. Although my dogs take up a large portion of my day, in my spare time I enjoy completing personal projects and spending time with my friends and family.


Sloane Murray

Vet Assistant/Receptionist

Hi! My name is Sloane Murray and I have my sights set on becoming a veterinarian. Since I was little it’s always been clear I have a passion for animals, playing with my family’s cattle, racehorses, ponies, and other farm animals whenever I got the chance. Veterinary medicine has always been my goal, and the care that veterinary professionals give to pets inspired me when I was young and continues to inspire me every day. Here in the clinic, I love working with all kinds of pets, especially dogs and reptiles, but I have a special interest in large animals and livestock, which we don’t see too much of in Mississauga! In my spare time you’ll find me at the barn, riding and training my two horses Charlotte, who I’ve owned for her entire life, and Chevy, as well as playing ringette and hockey as a goalie. Coming from a background in horses, I understand how important it is that your animal is happy and healthy, and it’s a privilege that I get to play a part in making the animals you love feel their best. I’ve been with Truscott Animal Hospital since December 2018 and I’m so happy to be part of such an amazing team!


Liam Bird

Vet Assistant/Receptionist

I am in national level, competitive swimmer, training 24+ hours a week. I have a Portuguese Water Dog named Oreo. Our first dog was also a Portuguese Water Dog named Midnight. I have grown up surrounded by animals my whole life so, as you can guess, I have always had a passion for animals and animal wellbeing. I love working with, and helping animals, as well as their owners, so it only seems fitting that I work and gain experience so I can become a veterinarian in the future.


Madison Santosuosso

Vet Assistant/Receptionist

Hi! My name is Madison Santosuosso, and I am so honored to be working at Truscott Animal Hospital. I have been an animal lover since I was a young girl. Throughout my life I have had a variety of pets. I am very familiar with their needs and am always ready to provide them with the best care possible. My goal is to ensure all our patients are happy. I am always ready and willing to greet you with a smile and help, whether it's at the front desk or with the Doctor in the examining room. The staff at Truscott Animal hospital are amazing and we truly care for all of our patients. On my free time, I enjoy being with my family, friends and most of all my dog Jacob.


Sherry Li


Hello, my name is Sherry Li and I am part of the amazing team Truscott Animal Hospital has to offer. I am truly passionate about animals and their well-being. Our team strives to keep you and your pets happy with our services. I grew up around pets and they’ve always been valued deeply. I have a dog, bird and turtle that make my house feel like home. At a young age, I’ve developed a fascination and experience in handling and caring for animals. I’m always wearing a smile and eager to help. I also have plans to study veterinary sciences as well. Lastly, when I’m not at the clinic, I like to paint, train my dog, volunteer and spend time with my loved ones.


Crystal Zhang


I’m Crystal Zhang, and I’m honoured to be a part of the terrific team at Truscott Animal Hospital. I have been passionate about animals since what feels like forever, and I’m glad to be volunteering here to care for all sorts of different pets. I have been around animals my whole life, from pet sitting to horse riding and caring for my family pets. My goal at Truscott Animal Hospital is to give quality care for your pet and their needs. In the future, I hope to work in the medical field. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dog Bailey, my two parakeets Cloudi and Skye, and playing guzheng.


Wania Khan


Hey! My name is Wania Khan, and I have always had a passion for animals. I have been around animals for as long as I can remember ranging from parrots, fish, turtles, dogs, and hens. I have aspired to become a veterinarian since I was 7 years old. I am currently doing my BSc in Animal Sciences at University of Guelph and hope to attend Ontario Veterinary College after graduation. During my free time, I play and compete in inter-county and university tennis tournaments. I also enjoy horse riding and hiking with friends and family.


Skylar Dalton

Co-op Student

Hi Im Skylar, a coop student here at Truscott Animal Hospital. I attend school at Iona catholic secondary school. I’ve just recently started here and I’m in love with the place. I’ve been given the chance to fulfill my passion for helping animals every day here at the hospital as well as prepare myself for future schooling regarding becoming a vet technician. This is an amazing opportunity I’ve been given. I am looking forward to the rest of my time here.


Mathew Wright


I was born in the east end of Toronto where I lived for the first 18 years of my life. Growing up I enjoyed playing sports, video games, and volunteering at various animal facilities. After Highschool I moved to Waterloo where in 2019 I received a Bachelor of Science degree in the Honours Health Science program at Wilfred Laurier University. I am the proud owner of a beautiful dog (Ollie) and leopard gecko (Charlie). Most of my time now is dedicated to my passion for animals, whether it be learning something new from Dr. Meawad or helping animals in any way that I possibly can. My goal is to eventually attend Veterinary College and receive a DVM.

For Making us

Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Isabel Serna Moll June 2020

My golden, Lucas was taken care so well by Liam, Vanessa, and Dr. M. We have been looking for a new veterinarian for my dogs and I found a great match for them! The service was great and all my concerns were reassured, thank you Dr. M. Highly recommended :)

Cassandra MacLennan June 2020

Dr. M and the whole team at Truscott AH have been a dream to work with. They have been so helpful with Molly's health struggles. The team is very thorough, informative and reassuring. Dr. M takes such good care of the animals he sees. You can truly tell how passionate. empathetic, enthusiastic and reliable he is as a vet! Very happy with our care!

Shannon McKerrow June 2020

Dr M is the best vet out there. Very helpful and reasonable, he is literally a phone call away.. he is always there to help our fur babies. He is very caring about animals and loves them like his own. So thankful I found him as my vet! My puppy Dior loves going to see him as he is so gentle and caring with her when she gets anxious. He always follows up after appointments and is very professional. Thank you for everything Dr.M!!!!

Rai June 2020

I would totally recommend this clinic to anyone!! The staff are all amazing, very professional and caring with great knowledge.

Amir Hassanbeik June 2020

I recommend this clinic to everyone. We had a surgery for my GSD a very active and dominant Shepherd. We started well and operation was done on a Saturday which was important for me. My dog is feeling happy and getting over the wounds slowly. Dr. Medhat cares about clients expectations and his staff are professional and confident in handling the job which contribute to absolute satisfaction of clients. I drive 40 min each time happily.

Ahmad Elsayed June 2020

This Great hospital is by far the best in town . Dr Medhat is very talented , cared a lot about my pet and the follow up was just amazing . This is not a place that runs business as much as it really cares and considers you and your pet as a part of the family . Dr Medhat and his team are friendly , responsive and accessible all the day round even in the weekends!

Heba Ibrahim June 2020

Great Vet , great services and great team

Gediminas Handzel June 2020

100% recommend as the staff and doctor are very friendly and helped our dog Pooki feeling 100% better!

Justin Felix June 2020

This vet is the best so loving and caring its unbelievable the staff there too so persist on helping and getting things done also very loving to the animals highly recommend this vet!!!!!!!

Justin Felix June 2020

Best vet I’ve ever seen doctor is the best get things done quick and fast very loving with the animals too I highly recommend this vet