Choose new pet

Choose new pet

Puppies and kittens are wonderful new additions to the family. However,
whenever bringing in a new pet to the family one should take some time to research before making a decision.

With new puppies or dogs, here are some things to consider:
- Large breed versus small breed , they might start small but some breeds can become upwards of 200 pounds!
- High energy breeds/working dogs
- Hair length/ allergies in family members
- Your lifestyle
- We recommend researching before you purchase a new puppy
- Have you considered the Edmonton Humane Society?

With new kittens or cats, here are some things to consider:
- Indoor versus outdoor
- Do you already have cats?
- Long hair versus short hair ( allergies in family members)
- Litter boxes.

Senior Exam

As are furry friend age, their needs change and they are faced with more health challenges than ever before.
Some of the problems they face are:
1- Decreased hearing and vision
2- Decreased metabolism
3- Arthritis
4- Reduced organ function (kidney and liver)
5- Incontinence
6- Dental disease
7- Lumps and bumps
8- Hormonal diseases
9- Diabetes
We believe a senior exam with specific focus on these issues should help to identify and address these problems early on. We look forward to discussing senior exams and blood work with you.

Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Isabel Serna Moll June 2020

My golden, Lucas was taken care so well by Liam, Vanessa, and Dr. M. We have been looking for a new veterinarian for my dogs and I found a great match for them! The service was great and all my concerns were reassured, thank you Dr. M. Highly recommended :)

Cassandra MacLennan June 2020

Dr. M and the whole team at Truscott AH have been a dream to work with. They have been so helpful with Molly's health struggles. The team is very thorough, informative and reassuring. Dr. M takes such good care of the animals he sees. You can truly tell how passionate. empathetic, enthusiastic and reliable he is as a vet! Very happy with our care!

Shannon McKerrow June 2020

Dr M is the best vet out there. Very helpful and reasonable, he is literally a phone call away.. he is always there to help our fur babies. He is very caring about animals and loves them like his own. So thankful I found him as my vet! My puppy Dior loves going to see him as he is so gentle and caring with her when she gets anxious. He always follows up after appointments and is very professional. Thank you for everything Dr.M!!!!

Rai June 2020

I would totally recommend this clinic to anyone!! The staff are all amazing, very professional and caring with great knowledge.

Amir Hassanbeik June 2020

I recommend this clinic to everyone. We had a surgery for my GSD a very active and dominant Shepherd. We started well and operation was done on a Saturday which was important for me. My dog is feeling happy and getting over the wounds slowly. Dr. Medhat cares about clients expectations and his staff are professional and confident in handling the job which contribute to absolute satisfaction of clients. I drive 40 min each time happily.

Ahmad Elsayed June 2020

This Great hospital is by far the best in town . Dr Medhat is very talented , cared a lot about my pet and the follow up was just amazing . This is not a place that runs business as much as it really cares and considers you and your pet as a part of the family . Dr Medhat and his team are friendly , responsive and accessible all the day round even in the weekends!

Heba Ibrahim June 2020

Great Vet , great services and great team

Gediminas Handzel June 2020

100% recommend as the staff and doctor are very friendly and helped our dog Pooki feeling 100% better!

Justin Felix June 2020

This vet is the best so loving and caring its unbelievable the staff there too so persist on helping and getting things done also very loving to the animals highly recommend this vet!!!!!!!

Justin Felix June 2020

Best vet I’ve ever seen doctor is the best get things done quick and fast very loving with the animals too I highly recommend this vet