Choose new pet

Choose new pet

Puppies and kittens are wonderful new additions to the family. However,
whenever bringing in a new pet to the family one should take some time to research before making a decision.

With new puppies or dogs, here are some things to consider:
- Large breed versus small breed , they might start small but some breeds can become upwards of 200 pounds!
- High energy breeds/working dogs
- Hair length/ allergies in family members
- Your lifestyle
- We recommend researching before you purchase a new puppy
- Have you considered the Edmonton Humane Society?

With new kittens or cats, here are some things to consider:
- Indoor versus outdoor
- Do you already have cats?
- Long hair versus short hair ( allergies in family members)
- Litter boxes.

Senior Exam

As are furry friend age, their needs change and they are faced with more health challenges than ever before.
Some of the problems they face are:
1- Decreased hearing and vision
2- Decreased metabolism
3- Arthritis
4- Reduced organ function (kidney and liver)
5- Incontinence
6- Dental disease
7- Lumps and bumps
8- Hormonal diseases
9- Diabetes
We believe a senior exam with specific focus on these issues should help to identify and address these problems early on. We look forward to discussing senior exams and blood work with you.

Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Catherine Smith March 2020

Went on a Saturday and it was very busy and the waiting area is very small. Staff were kind and friendly. Dr was very good and liked his advice. Will definitely return.

Ibrahim Al-Saady March 2020

He helped my cat Twix with everything he could, treated us like family and even made sure that the surgery scars wouldn't be as noticable 5/5 stars

Deidra K March 2020

We took Raven, our little feisty attack cat to Truscott Animal hospital for her spay and some major overdue dental work. Dr M and his staff took such good care of our little hellion. The follow up and the aftercare service was way above our expectations. They addressed all of our concerns and were very attentive. George (aka resident Grumpy Cat), the real boss of the place is always there to greet all of the patients and their parents. We would recommend Truscott Animal Hospital to everyone.

Humaira Zai March 2020

They are the best at what they do and provide reasonable prices. Would 100% reccomend this animal hospital to anyone and they did the best job and this is my mila picture .

Nehad Mikhael March 2020

Dr. Medhat Meawad is a great doctor. He goes above and beyond to help you and your pet. I have 2 cats. And every year I go to him to vaccine them and for annual check-ups. He made a surgery as well for my cat when his nail got him injured in one of the paws. He is really a compassionate and an amazing Doctor and all the staff are great as well. Always thankful!

Kamila s March 2020

The environment at this place is great! Definitely feel like my puppy is receiving quality care here.

Stephen Kowalski February 2020

Review written for Caroline Jukes...I brought my cat Saxy to see Dr. Meawad for complicated dental surgery. Saxy was quite a handful, but Dr. Meawad was very good with him. We were told Saxy made George look like an angel. His follow up was amazing and we appreciate the excellent care we received from Truscott Animal Hospital.

Bety B February 2020

We've been on the lookout for a vet for Max for a while, mostly researching the animal hospitals closest to home. Then we found out about Truscott Animal Hospital and we read so many good things that we decided it's worth to drive a bit further. And we were definitely not disappointed. Dr. Medhat and Matt are incredibly awesome - they took the time to know us and explain everything they were doing and why. And George is the coolest resident cat ever 😊 We had a few good laughs and Max considers them his friends even after the ear exams and vaccines, that's how awesome they are (and the treats definitely help 😆) We are confident we found our forever animal hospital and we'll recommend them to everyone. Thank you for everything! ❤

S Nardi February 2020

I was referred to Truscott Animal Hospital by my neighbour and I’ve been very pleased with our experiences to date. The staff is not only compassionate with every animal but also with each person. Going to the vet with a sick pet is stressful on the pet and the owner; the staff are very friendly, empathetic, and genuinely interested in doing the work they do, which makes the journey a little easier. Dr. Meawad is a very skilled vet and surgeon who I’ve learned to trust with the care of my pet. It’s never fun going to the vet but the approach by the team at Truscott makes it a little easier for all concerned.

Aziziula Afizi February 2020

We are thankful for meeting Dr M he helped us when we didn't know what was happening with our puppy. He was very efficient and helpful in answering our concerning questions. The staff were friendly and extremely helpful as well. Highly recommend going to him.