Choose new pet

Choose new pet

Puppies and kittens are wonderful new additions to the family. However,
whenever bringing in a new pet to the family one should take some time to research before making a decision.

With new puppies or dogs, here are some things to consider:
- Large breed versus small breed , they might start small but some breeds can become upwards of 200 pounds!
- High energy breeds/working dogs
- Hair length/ allergies in family members
- Your lifestyle
- We recommend researching before you purchase a new puppy
- Have you considered the Edmonton Humane Society?

With new kittens or cats, here are some things to consider:
- Indoor versus outdoor
- Do you already have cats?
- Long hair versus short hair ( allergies in family members)
- Litter boxes.

Senior Exam

As are furry friend age, their needs change and they are faced with more health challenges than ever before.
Some of the problems they face are:
1- Decreased hearing and vision
2- Decreased metabolism
3- Arthritis
4- Reduced organ function (kidney and liver)
5- Incontinence
6- Dental disease
7- Lumps and bumps
8- Hormonal diseases
9- Diabetes
We believe a senior exam with specific focus on these issues should help to identify and address these problems early on. We look forward to discussing senior exams and blood work with you.


Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Cat Poehlman November 2019

The doctor is amazing. The while staff is friendly. They were amazing with my kitty and so nice with us people too. If you need a vet, go to this practice. So very excellent. I cannot say enough about the help they have provided.

Somer Edmund November 2019

We moved to Mississauga and found this amazing vet. He is so great with our babies

Manal Garkas November 2019

I don't know how to thank the doctors for their wonderful treatment and they are quick to provide the right treatment.👍 thank you so much ..

Marta Bento November 2019

Just recently moved to Mississsuga and was referred by a friend. Dr M was fantastic, very friendly and knowledgeable!

Anita Hagerman November 2019

My dog has been a patient for a year now. Dr. M has away been helpful with my dog as she has had a few health issues. Explain s everything clearly and is very affordable. He helps out any way he can.

Ila Shulman November 2019

Dr M is not just a great veterinarian but a compassionate person. He loves each animal that is brought to him as his own. I completely trust what he says with no doubt. He treated my little guy with honesty and integrity. Its wonderful to have a veterinarian that you can trust. He shared my joy when my little guy was rallying and i know he would cry with me if something bad happened.

Claudia Santos October 2019

Forever grateful for the wonderful doctors here. My cat was extremely sick and we couldn't figure out why. We thought we only had a little bit of time left with her but the doctors wouldn't rest until we had a solution. A week of phone calls and visits, X-rays, IV, meds and more, these amazing people helped bring our kitty back and now she's back to her old self. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️ and thank you for your more than reasonable pricing! No where in Mississauga can beat their rates.

Bogdan Leonte October 2019

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

A Soares October 2019

my First time at the clinic and really loved Dr M and staff. he took time and made sure all the tests were done accurately and properly, he also took the time to personally call me the next day to see how my dog was doing, that's above and beyond. if your are looking for amazing animal clinic look no more Truscott Animal Hospital is a place to be.

Samer Maarouf October 2019

My cockatiel was on the verge of losing his leg due to a thick aluminum tag that he had from his breeder. The leg became swollen to a point where he was unable to stand on it. He would constantly keep it raised. We came to this animal hospital to have it removed. They did not have the tools as this type of tag was not regular procedure. They were with us for over three hours, tried everything they could, and tried to make calls to any other vet clinic or animal hospital that could get the tag removed. Eventually, they brought in someone who had an expertise in tools, and had a tool that could remove the tag. Even after all of this, they only charged us the price of a regular visit. These are people who genuinely care about animals. They care about the well being of your pet above anything else. I would recommend this animal hospital to everyone and anyone with a pet.