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Importance of regular checkups for your Cat/Dog

Importance of regular checkups:

One of the biggest parts of pet care is providing them with appropriate medical care. For this, it is extremely important to take your vet for routine checkups to the local Mississauga animal hospital. Here are the top reasons why regular checkup is important for your cat or dog.

Healthy lifestyle
Right from when you bring a pet at home, it is important to start caring about their nutrition and activity levels. With regular visits to the vet, you can get information on what is the right quantity of food and the right kind of food that your pet must consume at different ages. In addition, you will learn about what milestones are generally expected of your pet at various ages. All this information is extremely important to track whether your pet is developing at the right pace and thriving well. If your vet is regularly examining your cat or dog, they may be able to pinpoint issues early if they notice that your pet has health concerns.

Spot signs of common ailments quicker
Cats and dogs are great at hiding symptoms of illnesses. It is a natural survival tactic for them to prevent from being kicked out of their clan. Although you may think that your pet is at its best health, it is important to make it to their regular checkup appointment so that your vet can spot signs of illness quicker and give the necessary medication to prevent their health from worsening. It is important to get your pets examined by your vet every year and even get the necessary bloodwork and fecal examination done to eliminate the possibility of infections and illnesses advancing.

There is no doubt that regular scheduled vaccination and boosters are extremely important to ensure that your cats and dogs live a long and healthy life. During your pet’s regular checkups, your vet gets an opportunity to check if they are due for any vaccination or boosters and you will be able to get them administered on schedule.

Tackling pet issues
Many pet parents are concerned about different kinds of problems that they may be dealing with regarding their pets. If you have a dog which barks incessantly or a cat who does not eat adequately, bringing your pet to a qualified and licensed vet may help you to tackle these problems. In addition, if there are any underlying issues pertaining to certain pet behaviours, a vet is more likely to pinpoint the exact cause of behavioural problems.

For more information on how to take care of your pets or for any emergency vet services in Mississauga, contact Truscott Animal Hospital. Their team of licensed, qualified and experienced animal doctors will be happy to provide more tips and information on how to care for your pets.

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Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Deise W August 2023

I'm so glad I found this clinic, we had a great experience here. We needed certificates for travelling with our cats, and they were very helpful with every detail. The staff and doctors are kind and understanding, and they were so careful and lovely with our cats. Also, prices are fair.

Sahil Sharma August 2023

Only place I will ever take my boy, trustworthy, professional and most importantly, caring

MG Gamil August 2023

My puppy Lillie was very very sick, I called 12 emergency vet hospitals between Toronto downtown (where we live) all the way to missesauga, no one would give me a same day appointment, no matter how much I explained that my dog was bleeding out and nearly dying. I called Truscott hospital and the soonest appointment they had opened was two days later, when I explained my dog situation, they told me to bring her on spot and made space for her due to her condition. Once we got there EVERYONE was amazing starting from the reception people all the way to the junior and senior doctors. Though they had to insert her in the middle of thief very busy schedule, They still took very good care of her, and made the time to talk to me and explain everything. Unlike other places money was the last thing they spoke about and they were very flexible and explain to me how we can save my dog which they did at the end.. it’s not a surprise that they are rated 4.9 out of 5, this is the most humane hospital and they truly love and care about animals. Very very very highly recommend. In three days, my puppy started again, chasing squirrels and pigeons in the Park, and is now back to her normal self as before..

I’m glad I had the money to cover the needed fees, but I imagine that, even if I didn’t, they would have still taken care of her and allowed me to pay over a couple of weeks, I’m just assuming that, because how amazing they were and how human they were, but I don’t know if that’s a thing.

taz naf August 2023

Great place. Easy service. Lots of reminders for appointments. Definitely recommend.

Hope R August 2023

Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. They truly care about your pet.

Antonelle Sillius August 2023

My friend has been going to Truscott animal hospital with their Dog for a very long time and recommended that I take my dog there. So we drove from Oshawa to see Med and honestly it was so worth the drive! I felt so comfortable there with my dog and I felt that he was very informative and took the time to answer my questions and fully explain things to me. His prices are fair and I loved that he was very understanding of my circumstances where as I felt like other vets in my area would judge me and would rush me in and out, would try to get me to pay for more than I needed and would be over priced and make me feel guilty if I didnt. But not Med he was was very cheerful and kind and put my mind at ease and only did what was necessary for my dog at the time and didn’t make me feel pressured in any way. I would highly recommend Truscott Animal Hospital!

Darrin Legere August 2023

The man is a dog whisperer for real. Extremely talented, genuine and fair. Best vet I've ever used, by far!!

Thilini Silva June 2023

Amazing service! My Bengal cats Ace & Billy got the best treatments and most of all, they really care 💙

Arc Designs August 2023

The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. We just started coming here and so far we are pleased with their services. The Vets are extremely gentle and compassionate with our geriatric dog.

Eman Ibrahim August 2023

I had a great experience with Dr. Mowaad over the past year. He is always there for my lovely dog. His bedside manners are great. He even calls us after the clinic hours to make sure everything is fine. Great customer service
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