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Importance of regular checkups for your Cat/Dog

Importance of regular checkups:

One of the biggest parts of pet care is providing them with appropriate medical care. For this, it is extremely important to take your vet for routine checkups to the local Mississauga animal hospital. Here are the top reasons why regular checkup is important for your cat or dog.

Healthy lifestyle
Right from when you bring a pet at home, it is important to start caring about their nutrition and activity levels. With regular visits to the vet, you can get information on what is the right quantity of food and the right kind of food that your pet must consume at different ages. In addition, you will learn about what milestones are generally expected of your pet at various ages. All this information is extremely important to track whether your pet is developing at the right pace and thriving well. If your vet is regularly examining your cat or dog, they may be able to pinpoint issues early if they notice that your pet has health concerns.

Spot signs of common ailments quicker
Cats and dogs are great at hiding symptoms of illnesses. It is a natural survival tactic for them to prevent from being kicked out of their clan. Although you may think that your pet is at its best health, it is important to make it to their regular checkup appointment so that your vet can spot signs of illness quicker and give the necessary medication to prevent their health from worsening. It is important to get your pets examined by your vet every year and even get the necessary bloodwork and fecal examination done to eliminate the possibility of infections and illnesses advancing.

There is no doubt that regular scheduled vaccination and boosters are extremely important to ensure that your cats and dogs live a long and healthy life. During your pet’s regular checkups, your vet gets an opportunity to check if they are due for any vaccination or boosters and you will be able to get them administered on schedule.

Tackling pet issues
Many pet parents are concerned about different kinds of problems that they may be dealing with regarding their pets. If you have a dog which barks incessantly or a cat who does not eat adequately, bringing your pet to a qualified and licensed vet may help you to tackle these problems. In addition, if there are any underlying issues pertaining to certain pet behaviours, a vet is more likely to pinpoint the exact cause of behavioural problems.

For more information on how to take care of your pets or for any emergency vet services in Mississauga, contact Truscott Animal Hospital. Their team of licensed, qualified and experienced animal doctors will be happy to provide more tips and information on how to care for your pets.

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Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Paulina A November 2022

Such a lovely place... doctors are super friendly...

Love it ❤️

Karen Rowley November 2022

Took my 4 year old rescue (almost feral) cat Beatrice to the vet for the first time for an urgent urinary issue. They were so understanding and got right to the diagnosis. Surgery was done a few days later and she is doing so well. Follow ups have been so thorough.

Cynthia Buitron November 2022

This is a GREAT place- this clinic does excellent work, and for fair prices. Highly recommend. :)

Talyo Hofn November 2022

I have special request from Dr. Medhat & Dr. Mina to start seeing me as patients too :), those people they are so professional, they are kind more than being just doctors, and this what we need as pet owners sometimes.
Dr. Mina sweetheart, takes all his time to answer all our concerns with very welcoming attitude, and Jill the receptionist she is the kindest heart i have ever met, she deal with each case very caring and warm, i was lucky to be referred here, highly recommended with best price ever, thanks Truscott team, we are grateful. I wish i can give them 100 starts.

Monica Mw October 2022

Dr M is the best dr anyone can have for there pet he does what ever it takes to help there nothing this dr can not do. stuff are always so kind friendly anyone that needs a Dr for there pet best place💞

Marie Ko October 2022

It took me over a year before I can write this review without tearing up. And even as I write this I can't help but feel emotional. We lost our beloved pug, Joey Bravo, on September 10, 2021. He quickly deteriorated on his 10th year and during one of his check ups at Truscott Animal Hospital, he collapsed by the reception desk. Dr. Erini witnessed what happened and dropped everything she was doing to resuscitate my Joey. They were able to stabilize him but in the end, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge. I deeply appreciate Dr. Medhat rushing to the clinic to help with everything, including helping us make the difficult decision as objectively as possible without pressuring us.

Inspired by the kindness and dedication of Dr. Medhat and his entire staff, we've gone on to rescue 2 more dogs - Pepe and Coco, and adopt another pug in Joey's memory (Oscar).

Recently Dr. M and his team also helped us with a difficult leg surgery for Pepe and was able to save his leg which we thought would have to be amputated.

The service we received and continue to receive at Truscott Animal Hospital is beyond 5 stars. They truly have compassion for all animals and will never pressure their patients/owners to do any unnecessary tests. They treat all the animals under their care as if they are their own. Needless to say we highly recommend this clinic and it's quite obvious why they continue to be THE #1 and best veterinary clinic in Mississauga (and probably in the country!)!

Vitaliy Li October 2022

Very happy with Dr. Mena Abdelsayed. He was very attentive and caring and had a great strategy for treating our dog Chico.

raffy zefadia October 2022

Staff and doctors are experts as well as kinde and supportive. Helped me with difficult and hard times. Thank you.

dalbotros October 2022

Absolutely the best care and service I have ever received for my little dog. The genuine care is evident and I couldn’t ask for a better place to take care of my baby girl.

Kortney Browne October 2022

Super friendly staff very pleased with how they handle myself as well as my pets answered any questions I had they are very reasonable when it comes to prices..some improvements they could work on would be following up with there clients after a pet has surgery..other then that im very pleased with this vet and there care ❤ keep up the good
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