Aftercare and Side Effects of Spay and Neutering

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March 4, 2019
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Aftercare and Side Effects of Spay and Neutering

The decision to spay or neuter your pet can be quite nerve-wracking. Even though procedurally it is supposed to be quite simple and straightforward, many Mississauga animal hospital visitors find that spaying or neutering their pet can be an emotional and stressful decision to make. According to vets in Mississauga, although pet parents seem to be unsure and nervous about it, spaying or neutering is worth it. Before examining the benefits of spaying and neutering, many pet parents are confused between the two processes and are quite unsure of what to expect in either of them
Spaying and Neutering – what they mean
The term spaying implies the removal of a female dog’s reproductive organs. The term neutering implies to a similar process for a male, although neutering can be used for both genders informally.

The actual surgery
Now that you have decided to get your pet neutered or spayed, you may be left wondering what to expect on the day of surgery. Many emergency vets in Mississauga encounter pet parents getting paranoid on the day of surgery due to lack of knowledge about the operational procedures.

Here is how the process goes. First off, you need to drop your pet off at your local pet hospital in Mississauga. The procedure lasts for a few hours and your pet will be with you within a few hours. Post-procedural symptoms include grogginess and discomfort partly due to anesthesia which lasts for about a few hours. Most dogs act normally after a while. Your vet takes anesthesia monitoring very seriously. They will ensure that your dog’s heart and respiratory systems are functioning correctly all through the procedure. Your pet will be monitored for any health issues for a long time before handing them over to you after surgery.

Benefits of surgery

Population control

Neutering and spaying your dog prevents your pet from contributing to uncontrolled animal population.

Health benefits

According to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the surgery can safeguard your pet against certain kinds of reproductive cancers, reduce male dog’s urge to escape his leash to find a mate and even help in some behavioural issues.
The knowledge of what your pet is going through can help to care for your pet appropriately. While there may be some inherent risks associated with spaying or neutering especially when they are administered anesthesia, it is generally better to have a frank and detailed discussion with your vet to make sure that your pet gets all the due care and attendance in the pre and postoperative stages. Choose a reliable and trustworthy clinic like Truscott Animal Hospital so that you can have all your questions answered by their qualified and trustworthy veterinarians and have a stress free procedure performed on your pooch.

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Ghada Melek November 2021

Professionalism, Quality, Reliability

Mohamed Amer November 2021

Great doctor and great staff! Very reasonable price!! Professional doctors well educated and knowledgeable highly recommended hospital

Vinny S November 2021

Amazing service

Alf Hinds November 2021

Amazing caring staff. Took very good care of our two male cats that needed to be fixed. After care was really good and very good prices. Will definitely coming back

M Slocinska November 2021

My dog is a new patient at Truscott. We came here because she needed dental work. Dr. Erini A, is such a wonderful vet. She was compassionate, gentle and so sweet with my scared little Gigi. Her surgery went very well, the meds Dr. Erini wrote out were super detailed. The prices are fair. I highly recommend this hospital. The only draw back is, the waiting rooms are very small and claustrophobic, especially waiting with an anxious pet. Maybe it will expand down the line. We will be continued customers with Dr. Erini.

Mike Valiquette November 2021

I have a golden Retrever, with chronic ear issues. The vets are helping me out with this problem.

Diane T November 2021

I have been bringing my puppy to the animal hospital since I got her in June. The vets are caring, thoughtful and kind. their number one priority is your pets health. I couldn’t feel happier. The staff are also very nice as well.
Danielle and Wania are wonderful, professional and caring. My puppy adores them.

Cost is also reasonable, I also find they are very considerate to new pet owners when it comes to cost.

I will always bring Pearl to them.

Thank you to all of you.

Vadim Chuzhinov November 2021

The personal is taking care of your animal like their own. Expensive so, still cheaper than emergency ..
Take animal insurance for animals older than 10.

Dima October 2021

Nina had her surgery booked at Truscott Animal Hospital and thanks to Dr.Medhat and his amazing team, her health is amazing and the spaying surgery was seamless. I highly recommend this clinic!

Matthias Schirmer October 2021

Very Friendly and slotted us in without an Appointment (Which we didn't know we needed.)