5 Tips Help To Prevent Dog Bites

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July 1, 2022

5 Tips Help To Prevent Dog Bites

5 Tips Help To Prevent Dog Bites

Even the friendliest and gentlest of dogs may bite if startled or pushed too far. Taking the proper steps and making sure your dog is happy and healthy may help lower the danger. We propose the following tips on how to approach a dog, what to do when you see a loose dog, and the right way to treat dogs in order to make interactions between people and dogs pleasant for all parties involved. These tips may also be used to ensure that loose dogs are properly contained.

1. Do not disturb
Be sure not to pull on the dog’s ears or tail, and never annoy the dog when he is asleep or while he is eating. After all, you wouldn’t want someone messing with your food while eating, would you? The same goes for if the dog is playing with a toy and do not take a dog’s toy or treat away without giving it something else. More importantly, do not bother the dog, especially when having fun with its pups. Dogs have a strong sense of ownership over their belongings, and they are particularly protective of their puppies.

2. Move Slowly
When approaching an animal, you should never do it in a rushed manner. The animal interprets rapid motions as potential dangers to itself. When they feel threatened, animals often resort to biting to protect themselves.

3. Hand Out, Fist Closed
Objects that move quickly have the potential to agitate a dog that might have been otherwise uninterested in the situation. When you are around an unfamiliar dog, and the dog has not yet shown any symptoms of hostility or an intent to attack, you should be sure to walk carefully and leave more than enough space between you and the dog.

4. Ask the Owner
If you want to pet an owned dog, it’s polite to ask the owner first. Dogs have developed the ability to sense their owners’ emotions, and when the person is surprised, it is likely that their companion will also be startled. Animals that are startled may bite.

5. Never ride or sit
No matter how well-behaved your dog is, and even if you have a dog that is a member of one of the giant breeds as a member of your household. This activity poses a risk of causing injury to the dog’s back muscles since they are not robust enough or equipped to support the weight of a passenger, and they were not intended to do so.

Any dog is capable of biting. It makes no difference what size they are, what breed they are, or if they are male or female. Even if they are loving lap dog that has never shown any signs of aggression in the past, they have the potential to bite if they feel threatened. If you want to protect yourself, your family, and the community from being bitten by dogs, the easiest way to do so is to follow the tips that have been provided above.

“All dog bites carry a risk of infection, but immediate copious irrigation can significantly decrease that risk. Assessment for the risk of tetanus and rabies virus infection, and subsequent selection of prophylactic antibiotics, are essential in the management of dog bites.” source

For more information on how to take care of your pets or for any emergency vet services in Mississauga, contact Truscott Animal Hospital. Their team of licensed, qualified, and experienced animal doctors will be happy to provide more tips and information on how to care for your pets.

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Customer Reviews

Truscott Animal Hospital

Customer Reviews

Alida Saleh September 2022

Dr. M and his team are amazing. The level of service, care and attention given to Bella has been outstanding! Bella was diagnosed with a congenital condition when she was going into get spayed. The treatment that she received has helped stabilize her condition. Dr. M took the time to explain everything and treated Bella with care and attention to detail. Kudos to an amazing team of doctors and staff 👏

Rick Takamatsu September 2022

They are very thorough but aren’t selling you unnecessary things.

Paula Barin September 2022

Dr. M and his team were very attentive and caring when we brought our cat in. Our poor cat, Finnigan, had to stay in the hospital and Dr. M called to update us on his progress each evening. After extensive tests and treatment we took our cat home. A follow up call was made the next day asking on our cat’s health. So grateful for the marvellous care, follow up and great team. I definitely recommend Truscott Animal Hospital, Dr. M and his team.

Cancer Exercise Specialist September 2022

Love the vet and staff here. Very kind and helpful. They saved my dogs life after he ate a cob of corn. Surgery went well and he’s a happy and healthy dog. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are.

Gehad El-ghandour September 2022

Dr Medhat saved my cat from a possible surgery. I cant thank him enough for his professional and accurate diagnosis. He listened to all my concerns and was very patient . My cat thanks to him is doing well, he was also very keen to be updated with my baby's condition when he said its okay to go home .
I am really glad i went to him , it was my first visit and for sure will not be the last. I totally recommend to go to him even only for consultation. He is genius and has a great experience dealing with pets. I want to thank his friendly staff as well. Simply you can trust them with your pet.
Thank you again DrMedhat its not easy to find great doctors!

Elias Dagher September 2022


Sharmeen Mufti September 2022

We came to Truscott Animal Hospital in an emergency situation. Our cat, Mikki, was vomiting constantly and not eating and in distress. I took him to VCA to find out that the earliest he could see a vet was after 8 hours! A few google searches later, I came across Truscott Animal Hospital and they were able to see him immediately. Dr M. is very passionate about his work and it shows! He is very humble and accommodating and went out of his way for us. He saved our cat's life and I have nothing but prayers for him and his team!

Zainab H September 2022

Thank you for the accuracy of the examination and follow-up by the doctors and the team. I recommend this clinic for its cleanliness, availability of food and medicine, in addition to its credibility and adequate explanation of pet’s health condition.

My Cat Razer’ health was not improving, due to kidney failure. therefore, and after discussion with Dr. M, we decided that it was time to let him go. Three weeks ago, we passed through thus hard process with clinic professional team. The staff lit up candles for farewell Razer and to honour our grief. My son and I were extremely heartbroken.

I would like to thank all doctors and staff at Truscott Animal Hospital and especially Dr. Medhat for their care and services.

I am sincerely grateful for your service , time and support. I missed Razer so much.

Jill Ranson August 2022

The people there are very caring and always want to help. I love dr Irene . She is happy to explain things in detail and also very caring and prompt.

Sucheta Acharyya August 2022

I've been raised in Mississauga but never needed vet visits during that time. After 5 years in Illinois, USA my husband and I were visiting my mum for the week with our two dogs. The last few weeks in July were pretty hot and although both dogs were pretty hot and panting quite a bit, our St. Berdoodle was behaving differently than usual. We discovered he had a fever, and called the Truscott Animal Hospital. They were ready to take him in right away, and diagnosed his skin infection quickly. They kept him at the hospital for a few hours to treat and monitor him. We took Archie home seeming better with medication. The staff was great with him, while the Dr's were wonderful. We were still concerned about his temperature the next day, and despite it being after hours, Dr.M saw him once more to make sure he was heading in the right direction. Seems our thermometer wasn't properly calibrated, but with the extra injection Archie received his temperature came down completely. We can't thank the amazing team at Truscott Animal Hospital. We feel fortunate to have had such great care and professional treatment for our dog. We followed the sprays and medicines as suggested and had a happy, energetic dog once again. If we ever have any issues in the future, we will definitely return back here! Many thanks to the entire team.
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