Tips for Keeping Your Beloved Pet Healthy All Through Winters

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March 4, 2019
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Tips for Keeping Your Beloved Pet Healthy All Through Winters

Mississauga Animal Hospital

Just like us, our pets need to be extra careful and cautious with their health during cold and harsh winters. In winters, our pets are prone to developing health problems, which if not treated in time, can pose additional risks and serious health concerns. Veterinarians practicing in Mississauga reveal that pet owners give more importance to protecting pets from warmer temperatures, than colder ones. With some preventive measures and a lot of love and attention, pet owners can make sure that they protect their beloved pets before the onset of winter problems.


Some pets like cats do not like to be confined to homes even in harsh winters. For them, it may be a good idea to build a warm shelter that protects them from dryness and chilly drafts so that they can rest in a protected and safe place even when outdoors. Make sure to line the floor of the shelter with a thick carpet or a warm surface. The shelter must be covered and located in preferably a closed space such as a garage. Regularly change the bedding and make sure it is dry, or else it will cause additional health concerns for your pet. You can also invest in heating products that are specifically designed for animals for added safety.


Help your pet to stay healthy by administering fresh food and cleaning their food bowl frequently. Make sure to warm the bowl and food before giving it to your pet. As winters decrease your pet’s physical activity, try to maintain a healthy weight by feeding them appropriate quantities at the right time. Specific holiday foods such as chocolate, plants, holly berries, leaves, and tinsel are likely to poison pets. If you notice symptoms such as vomiting or convulsions, rush to your nearest animal hospital immediately.


If you are a pet owner, you already know how pets find antifreeze liquids irresistible due to their sweet smell and taste. But antifreeze products often contain numerous toxins that can be quite fatal to pets. When returning from outside, make sure that you wash your pet’s paws thoroughly before letting them lick. On the same lines, make sure your pets don’t lick your shoes especially when they may have salt residues.


If you observe your pet shivering, breathing with effort or being listless, it may be suffering from hypothermia, a common occurrence in harsh winters. No matter how furry your pet may be, they can still get hypothermia. Never leave your pet outside in winters for an extended period of time. You can also use a jacket to cover your pets and protect them. If you are not sure how you can protect your pet properly, speak to your vet today.


Check your pet regularly for grey or blue patches. They may be suffering from frostbite. If you suspect that your pet is suffering from frostbite, apply a warm cloth to affected areas and call your vet. In cold winters, remember to exercise safety and precaution for your pets too, just like you would for yourself.

If you need more information on how to protect your pet in winters or are looking for a friendly and well-experienced vet for your pet contact Truscott Animal Hospital today.


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Customer Reviews

Bill Coppens June 2022

Dr M and his staff are professional all the way, very helpful and friendly. I do recommend this clinic to people I know that have recently got a pet even people I don't know who I run into while out with Mags.

Roxana C June 2022

I brought my dog Diego in for a checkup due to a limping on his right leg. Dr M was absolutely amazing! My dog is anxious by nature and he was very calm and relaxed the whole time! Thank you Dr. M for the amazing attention! Both Diego and I appreciate it! We will see you soon. Highly recommend this clinic, great staff and service!

Amanda Herbst June 2022

Amazing staff, super friendly service and you can tell how much they love animals. I went in a bit of a panic with my cat because he had gotten into something he shouldn't have, and was feeling very sick. Both the receptionist and the vet were so comforting and helped me come out of panic mode. They didn't push me into doing any unnecessary testing (like so many vets do) and just gave him what he needed and nothing else. After just a few hours, he was right back to his happy normal self!
I'm switching all my fur babies over to this vet from now on even though it's a bit farther from my house. Prices were very reasonable and fair. But the service is what has me coming back there. 10/10 would definitely recommend! Thank you Truscott Animal Hospital!

Zainab H June 2022

Thank you for the accuracy of the examination and follow-up by the doctors and the team. I recommend this clinic for its cleanliness, availability of food and medicine, in addition to its credibility and adequate explanation of pet’s health condition.

John Iskander June 2022

All three vets are amazing. They call you themselves to discuss anything they feel needs to be done, they offer multiple solutions and are very accommodating as far as cost! I love that the vets call as I can ask any questions and discuss all options with them rather than having to go back and forth.

samuel sanderson June 2022

I took in my dog Brax today he was suffering with a severe case of kennel cough.The vet was so good and prescribed the right meds and Brax is allready feeling great after only 4 hours.this Vet has great knowledge.

Zeera Duvall May 2022

Have been going to Truscott Animal Hospital for a few years now and can't say anything negative about them. They treat your fur babies as their own. Thank you for your services.

Tiara Banate May 2022


Teresa Knight May 2022

I have been to this veterinary clinic since March 2020 and am so grateful for the care my previous cat and my rescue dog receive. Kally went in for an annual checkup and had to have an echogram. Dr. M. explained the procedure, called me with results and provided me full instructions regarding her new meds. I particularly like how Dr. M. is so patient and teaches young people working in the clinic. Great opportunity for them to be working with such a animal loving kind person.

Sel Baig May 2022

I started coming to Truscott in 2020 after moving back to Mississauga. Having dogs and working with many different vets over the last decade this is honestly the BEST vet around. From the staff to the vets, you feel welcomed and that your pet is in the best hands. If I could rate any higher I would.